Intellectual property Business consulting

Eric Saie

Eric Saie has a particular expertise in Intellectual Property and Immigration Law, he has obtained his Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law in France and has worked as a research assistant in IRDAP (Institut de Recherche en Droit des Affaires et du Patrimoine). After obtaining his Law Certificate in University of Montreal, he also became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Eric Saie

Why Eric Saie

Master’s degree in intellectual property

Extensive experience in

  • International contract negotiations
  • International contract drafting
  • Export – Import: finance and security devices
  • Documentary transactions
  • Short term trade finance: factoring and forfeiting
  • Securing International transactions: guarantees, bonds and standby credits
  • International Dispute Resolutions: Mediation, Arbitration and Litigations Intellectual Property Licensing


Contract drafting knowledge

  • International sale of goods contracts
  • International service contracts: commercial agency and consulting contracts
  • International distribution agreements
  • International transport contracts – International payment mechanism and laws
  • Conflict of law in international trade and extrajudicial dispute settlements
  • International Intellectual Property Law


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Case Studies

Utility Models

Often used by local inventors, utility models are often used for protecting inventions that have usually a short commercial life and are suited for protecting


Copyright protection covers exclusively the expression of an idea and not the idea itself. Maps, technical drawings, books, music, painting, sculpture, films, computer programs, databases,